It’s Been a Good Day!

It’s Wednesday evening…

Supper was stopping at the mall food court and letting everyone pick what they wanted and bring it home to eat.  There’s a newer place there, Extreme Pita… I love their food… especially the Buffulo Chicken… yummy!  Most of the boys got Subway or Thai Express.  We ate and then everyone is vegging, doing home work or relaxing.  I’m under my covers, freezing… trying to motivate myself to get up and do a few things.  Then it will be time to put Josh and Zach to bed and then I’ll head to town to our Ballroom Dancing class… and picking my Jordan’s birthday present (whose birthday is tomorrow).

Today I hung out with my friend… we went to one of the local nurseries and took a class in making an ourdoor Christmasy arrangement.  It really was so much fun!  It made me begin to get into the Christmas mood.  I’m so not a crafty person but it was kind of addicting!

Then Sanj and I was off to our ballroom dancing… I suck.  Sanj gets pretty frustrated with my level or lack there of, of concentration.  We are in this class with 2 of our other friends and seriously I’m there to have a good time… which, of course I do.  Yet when it comes to movement … this is an area of deficient, sadly.  Thankfully my husband loves me regardless… despite his frustrations with me.

Just for the record… men wearing pleated pants are out.  No, they are not coming back.  Feel free to rid your closet of them.  This is written to no one in particular… MARK!


2 more sleeps and it’s my favorite day of the week!

Happy Wednesday night, all!

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  1. Mark says:

    Pleats are where it’s AT!

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