Pay Back is a Chip!

I love Sanj. Yes, there is the BUT his Type A personality is highly annoying 90% of the time. It is the way he handles stress… or rather DOES NOT handle stress. When HE loses his keys, he freaks out 100% knowing that if he relaxes and breathes… it will turn up.

Usually I just ignore him… it passes. Sometimes I let him know how crazy he is. Other times I am passive aggressive. The great thing about Sanj is that he usually apologizes when he is wrong. I forgive him but there is usually the consequence of my wrath. I hate when I KNOW I have been treated unfairly.

I know Sanj’s weakness is chips and chocolate. Usually after supper, he moseys into the kitchen. Da da.. magically the chips or chocolates await his lack of control. I don’t know if he feels better, but I do. Tit for tat. OK I do realize the Bible says to turn the other cheek. Trust me, there are many times I do, other wise he would be wearing much bigger size pants.

Yesterday, his Type A (for annoying) personality took over again. I was really annoyed and hurt. While I went out for 45 minutes, I picked up a bag of macadamia chocolates. He even knew what I was up too. As I walked by, I thought he did not give in and eat them. Darn. But this morning the bag was empty. I felt better.

I love him. Just stop messing with me. You won’t win.

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