6+1= no I am not pregnant!

Summer is a time that allows me to spend quality time with the boys. But during all that quality time… there are many moments during the constant teasing, fighting and nitpicking that I wonder if I am doing it right. Parenting that is. How can they find so much to natter about?

Then I am reassured that this is a part of childhood. In our house everything is multiplied by 6! The noise, fighting, mess, love, kisses, and “I love you”s.”

Then there are those moments when I wonder, do we adopt? It has always been a dream of mine, since I was little. But today adoption takes so long and all the hoops you have to jump through not to mention the money. It was always faster and easier to make our own. Can you tell I have issues with patience?

Yet then I think of that child out there that can have his/her life changed by being part of a crazy family.

We were teasing Josh about getting another baby. Then he WOULD have to be a big boy (something he is fighting). He loved the idea. “Are you going to the baby store?” “Can we get a yellow baby and a pink one?” He is thrilled. A baby store! Hum… if it was only that simple.

So this I leave in God’s hands. If this is meant to be… it will happen. I don’t think that dreams that stay alive in your heart should be dismissed easily. Maybe they can’t be dismissed easily. So often I count to make sure I have all the kids in the car or just accounted for and always feel like one is missing. I recount… nope all 6 are here. Maybe there should be 7?

Maybe I am just crazy.

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One Response to 6+1= no I am not pregnant!

  1. a friend says:

    atlasReema, you are not crazy…just truly amazing! I feel so blessed to know you as a friend!