Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

The traditional Christmas morning picture … can you tell which boys are morning people? ūüôā

Our house is in the mode of quietness, everyone is off playing with their loot. ¬†Even the dogs are content with their juicy bones from the butcher. ¬†It’s my favourite part of the day! ¬†Lunch is in the oven and we are off to the in-laws for our Christmas dinner (a very nice break to not have to do it this year).

Actually a nap would be fabulous now… if I could just over look the mess everywhere. ¬†I could indulge in a book too… or a movie. ¬†We got Sanj the DVD season 1&2 of The Big Bang Theory. ¬†I love this show! ¬†Sheldon is hilarious! ¬†I love his brutal honesty! ¬†I can’t wait to veg out and watch episode after other. ¬†I find myself laughing out loud, shoulders shaking is happening too!

Max is playing a video game on line with his cousin. ¬†I’m sitting here listening to their conversation… cute. ¬†Technically , we actually ¬†got a white Christmas, just a dusting of snow. ¬†I can hear Tyler jamming on his bass guitar, Sanj on his new keyboard, Sammy texting on his phone, Jordan trying to get his helicopter to work. ¬†Josh is in heaven with his 101 various toys, including a bunch of Rescue Heros. (So glad they bought Rescue Heros back). ¬†Zach is playing on the Wii.

In the midst of all this, there are those moments of remembering what Christmas is all about.  Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!  There are the moments of remembering all that He did for me, does for me and will continue to do for me.

I hope that you are surrounded by loved ones, lots of food and maybe got some cool

Merry Christmas!


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