India: Through My Eyes

In another life, I have a dream of being a National Geographic photographer.  Travel the world, see all the exotic places, try the exquisite foods, meet the  most amazing people and document their incredible stories.  Of course, this would have only been a slight possibility if I gave up my life’s desire of being a mom and wife.

In India, I had the luxury of pretending to be a photographer… of capturing India through my eyes, making up stories of people and their circumstance.  I had the privilege of seeing children living with the barest of necessities yet living as only a child can, laughing and playing, not missing a beat.

These are some of my favourite pictures…

This is my favourite random picture.  My brother and mom were chatting with a the pastor of a little roadside church as I saw this man walking by, with his herd of cows.  I asked him if I could have a photo and he graciously complied.  I love his face… his eyes tell a story of struggles and yet if you look at his mouth, you see a bit of a smile… who knows, he may have been laughing at me!

This little girl was living with the pastor and his wife at the church I just mentioned.  Her dad was dead and her mom was ill and couldn’t take care of her.  I fell for her immediately.  I love her smile.  She has such strength.  There is such beauty in her eyes.  My brother and I are committed to see that she gets educated … I just wanted to bring her home… and yet she is obviously happy in spite of her trials.

I love to read, as you know.  I love books that are set in India, that offer me glimpses of my culture.  As I met people, I would ask if they were of a love marriage or arranged marriage.  I was fascinated to see that most were arranged marriages.  Not the usual arranged marriage you may read of in books, yet, there was the introduction… then the getting to know each other and then, if both were willing, the marriage.  For us in North America, it seems like a strange thing… yet there is such a reduced rate of divorce.  I think it’s because 2 people enter into a partnership of sorts, then friendship and for those that are really lucky, love follows.  Yet, friendship can be a blessing too.  As we were visiting one of the sights in New Delhi, I loved this sight of love, in the open.  Such intensity.  What were they saying?  I love how their hands are intertwined.

Photo credit goes to my brother, Kumar, as I was too paralyzed to move.  On a side street were chickens, alive, tied together, as this man flipped them over his hand bars to take them to their fate… someone’s dinner.

This little boy was playing with a coconut in the dirt right by a busy intersection.  Of course his beautiful face was just begging to be photographed.  As I started clicking, out of nowhere, his brother, no older than 7-8 years old shows up and is chattering away at me, obviously not happy.  He wanted money, if I was going to take his brother’s photo.  My brother shows up, oblivious to all that has occurred and begins to get his camera out.  As I explained, my brother told the boy, ok.  After taking his photos, he handed the boy a bill.  Out of no where comes another boy, trying to take the money out of his hand.  This boy, the 7-8 year old, took his hand and slapped this other child on his face.  The other boy walked away.  It was a little startling and comical all at the same time.  What a sweet face!

Of course I have 1001 pictures but these are some of my favourites.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    I’ve had the same dream Reema, I’ve always thought that it must be one of the best jobs in the world to be a photographer for National Geographic! Maybe one day we will have to do that together!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Oh, & by the way, you’re pictures are fantastic!

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