The Weather Outside is Delightful!

Today was so gorgeous!!!

The sun just beamed down on us and kept us smiling and warm.  I love days like today… it’s a tease that spring is around the corner.  I had so many things that I needed to do and yet felt like I accomplished very little… but because it was so beautiful outside, I didn’t care.  There’s always tomorrow.

We were driving to school and Zach and Josh were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors… and then I hear “Jesus!” lol  Guess Jesus trumps rocks, paper and scissors!  When that didn’t work, I heard Josh say, “God!”  I wonder how Jesus feels being trumped by God?  Zach didn’t let Josh have it though, saying they are the same!

I love some of the stuff that comes out of their mouth and puts a smile on my face.  So cute!

As I was de-cluttering areas of the house, I was beginning to make a list of things that need to be done.  We plan on remodeling our kitchen sometime… with the plan of adding a huge slab of counter  for all the activity that needs to occur in this vicinity.  You know, breakfast, snacks, homework, projects… the hub of the house.  I can’t wait.  I just want us to have that space.  The rest I’m willing to wait on (gasp!).  I am constantly revamping the boys rooms to make them functional for our family.  No one really uses their rooms as their own spot, well, perhaps Jordan.  Rather the boys seem to hang out with us or each other (and then fight).  So, I am eagerly looking forward to making this all happen.  Guess I’d better check my lotto ticket.  I think it was $50 million.. and yes, I can imagine the freedom! lol  Sanj came home today to our friend who owns Focus Flooring (they have the most amazing backsplash, tiles, flooring… check them out if you are local… and say I sent you!)… anyways, Doug was over measuring and Sanj walks in and says… “Nooooooo…” knowing this is the beginning of some craziness for sure! lol

Max and Jordan had to wake up at 5 am today to be at the school by 6 am for a hockey tournament out of town. Yuck.  Everyone is tired.  I didn’t get back to sleep too well after that.

Just writing… nothing to exciting to say… although I had an epiphany about my dad.  I realized that he made a great Mr. Mom.  He really did.  While I wish he could have held a regular job, I see some of the blessings.  I learned a lot about my dad while in India, that I have been processing.   I know that my mom isn’t the most organized person.  I think that living with my mom was likely trying for my dad’s personality.  Of course, he didn’t have to beat her.  As I get older and and see things, I can see how they were just so wrong for each other on so many levels.  My mom really needed someone laid back.  My dad wasn’t.  He liked order and practicality.  He didn’t get my mom’s lack of having organizational skills.  I don’t think that he understood how someone just couldn’t be organized.  As a grown adult, when I run into this now, I find it frustrating.  I find myself understanding my dad’s frustration more.  I just wish he knew how to channel that aggravation else where.

Even know, when my mom is doing something and I get frustrated she’ll hold her ground and say, “Let me do it my way.”  In other words, butt out! lol

Funny, the little things that suddenly seem big.  Having my dad as a stay at home dad gave us some unique experiences.  When he was in a normal frame of mind, he was fun.  He would take sheets and make us these crazy forts that would have my heart palpitating just at the thought of my kids doing this.  He would make cleaning the kitchen floor and event.  (Sorry if I am repeating stories).  I have such a clear memory of sliding across the kitchen floor that was very wet and full of suds.  He always packed us elaborate lunches, with cut mangos (yum), for example as a snack.  He cuts of mangoes were unique.  They were all so uniformed in size.

I have been thinking of calling my dad to chat about my trip to India.  I haven’t yet.  I wish it felt easier than it does.  I wish…

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