What is the most important thing any wife can do for her husband?

According to Andy Andrew admire him. (Click on his name to read his post).  It sounds simple and weird all in one doesn’t it?  Often I think that Sanj must get enough accolades from  his patients.  I mean, every time I walk into the office and hear how amazing my husband is and how lucky I am … so he must know right?

According to Andrews, men are really little boys inside, trying to jump higher than all the other little boys and wondering if we are watching.  I guess I often think that someone so talented as my husband must know he is awesome. Right?  Do awesome people walk around all day just knowing?  lol  Well, just in case he doesn’t… here are some of the things that I admire most about the man I am lucky to call my husband…

***I’ll start with the obvious… he is a very good looking man.  From the day I spotted him in the copy room in Bell Hall at Andrews University, he made my heart pound a little faster.  He is a good dresser, which of course adds to his fine looks.  He likes the nicer things in life.

***He has a big heart.  OK, most men probably wouldn’t want you to say this about them but if you spend a few minutes with Sanj, you will see his heart.  He usually can’t help wearing it on his sleeve.

***He is committed.  Now this is a quality that I appreciate so much as he is committed to our family, to me and yet it is also my pet peeve, as he usually will never cancel something he is committed to.  (Like Hockey… how many people do you know that have six sons in hockey, committed to taking them to games and practices, coaches many of them and then… yes, coaches a group that we have no kids on because no one else will do it??? Crazy, right?!!!  (Sigh).

***Loyal.  He is loyal to a fault.  Do not cross him or someone he loves because you will be out of his book of the good ones.  And he does not forget.  Ever.

***I used to always complain to God that He forgot to give me some talents.  You know the obvious ones… musical, artistic, athletic…  I know why now.  He gave them all to Sanj. I used to go to the worships in University and sit there and love listening to Sanj play the piano.  He is a gifted musician.  Not only can he play the piano, guitar, tuba, trumpet, (and countless other instruments) but he can sing like an angel.  Wow.  He can also draw and play sports.  It’s a good thing I adore him because otherwise I’d be busy hating him for taking all the talents away from me.

***Smarts.  One of the things that I admire and yet find annoying is Sanj’s smarts.  He has the ability to know the most craziest facts.  He is a walking thesaurus.  While I would use a simple word, he can throw around words with 5-6 syllables, which mean the same thing.  He is the man that acquired (I decided to use this instead of “got”) his Doctorate while working full time, hockey and dealing with his family of seven too.  He is a motivated businessman, always will to learn and achieve.  He is the kind of person that complain that he only got a 99.5% on a test. Ugh.  I hated people like that.  Now I have to love one of those kinds of persons.

Do you hate him yet?  Lol.  I know.  It’s really something that God gave one human being all these gifts.  And I am stopping… I could continue to tell you many other things that I admire about this man that I am lucky to call my husband.

I admire him so much.  I often wonder what I did to get so lucky?  I love that today, after over 25+ years of knowing each other, he still makes my heart pound a little faster.  I love that I have someone that I can lean on whenever I need a pillar of strength.  I know that he will move mountains to give me what it is I need or want.  I love that I am married to someone with integrity and goodness.

Sanj Sukumaran… I adore  you.   I admire you.  I am so proud to call you my husband.  I love you… usually more than the day past! 🙂  

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2 Responses to Admire…

  1. Laura says:

    I love this post, and I may have to steal your idea and write one of my own. I don’t tell my husband nearly often enough how much I admire him. This is lovely, Reema!

  2. Nicole Maar says:

    In this day and age when we are so busy telling men what is wrong with them, it is wonderful to read a post that celebrates your husband and his amazing qualities. I am definitely stealing this idea. 😉

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