Happiness Is

What is the definition of happiness? The dictionary says, “state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Well I think that happiness can be a choice. Nobody has a perfect life. There is always more you can want or need.

But choosing to be happy is a decision. Despite it all, I will make a choice to make the most of things. Look for the positive. Be positive. No matter how bad you may have had/have it… rest assured there is someone else out there with much worse circumstance.

I think of all my worries… and then I couldn’t help but think of children across the world who would simply like water… clean, drinking water. It is almost clich├ęs to say, “Think of all those starving children in Africa.” But really think of it… I have to simply stop and be thankful, be grateful. Be happy.

There is so much I would LIKE to give my children or do for my children. But then I have to stop and realize they have all the basics and then some. They have so much to be grateful for… yet have I made them stop and BE THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE?

A happy home. It is such a easy thing to simply take for granted. Yet all around us, in our own school are families breaking up.

Pain is around us… a constant, it seems. So if I have the life worries… money… bills, bills, bills… I am and should be grateful.

I am choosing to be happy through the tortures of moving. The positives of moving is all the purging that is so cleansing. Finding a missing something that you didn’t even know was lost! Be gone baby stuff… YAH! Organizing DVDs, books, clothing!

I am happy. I am happy that God has provided us with a home that will meet the needs of our family. A bit smaller in size yet more functional. A bit farther to drive yet property to run free. A lot of grass to cut yet quiet time on a mower (i think).

Happiness is a choice. Enjoying the now… whatever that includes. Hockey, golf, swimming lessons, judo, guitar, youth group, making lunches (grrr… I am working on this), all that comes with motherhood of 3-13 year old.

I keep hearing people say, “ENJOY IT… it goes too fast.” I hear it over and over. So I am trying to enjoy it. To love it. To let this NOW be my happiness and contentment.

I choose to be happy.

Thank you God for happiness. Help me to seek that state of mind more often. Help me to appreciate it and cherish all my blessings…. my biggest being Sanj and my sons.

Thank you for my happiness. Help me to never take it forgranted.

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