Joshua Daniel Sukumaran

 This week my baby turned seven years old!

Of course, this child of mine looks nothing like a seven year old.  He is a big boy!    He took FOREVER to come out!  Sammy was a 12 hour labour, pretty normal for a first child.  Zach, my number five son, came out like the speed of light.  It was actually scary.  So, when we were preparing for Josh’s arrival, everyone was sure he would be quick.  So… everything was in place… so that I could have a safe delievry.    Josh had other plans.  First, he decided to come three weeks early (this part I was thrilled with).  He came Easter weekend that year.  I remember being in the bed, totally thrilled that I was having this baby and ready!  Since Zach was 2 hours, I was counting down.  Nothing.  I remember contracting every 5 minutes all night long!!!  Sanj was asleep, snoring on the rocking chair.  Every little bit he’d wake up and ask if I was ok.  Dumb question.  NO!!!

Sigh.  At 8:30 am doctor on call finally came in and said, “I heard about you.  If we give this babe a sniff of pitocin, he’ll shoot out of there.” Sigh.  Sure enough, Josh shot out within a half an hour.  There he lay…screaming.  I remember being so annoyed with him. Why did he have to take so long coming out!!!

Since then, he has become my side kick.  I mean, where do I begin when I speak of this child?  He is such a contradiction in every way possible.  He is a big boys in size and yet he is truly the youngest, the baby of the family in every sense of the word.  He is a child that will smother you with love and yet, look out… this boy has a temper!!!  He has no fear when it comes to being himself… in fact he can be down right rude.  And yet he is the biggest scaredy cat (to the point that his brothers get much pleasure teasing him).  He still loves dressing up and yet has no trouble being covered in mud.  He loves to snuggle.  LOVES it!  “Snuggle?”   It’s his constant question.  He can’t go to sleep without being wrapped up in someone (usually mine) arms.  And yet, since he has gone into grade 1, a hug or kiss at school is too embarassing. He loves to tell me that he loves me more after I tell him I love him.

I can’t imagine our family without this trouble maker.  I love that he doesn’t let size or birth order dictate his actions.  He has a name that he knows will upset Sammy and that will get him beat up… and yet he will still call Sammy this name, giggling the whole time, knowing he is going to get it!  He has a great giggle!  The boys love taping him on their phone… to capture that giggle.  He loves his brothers to death.  And they, each of them, love him back.

Tonight is his party.  He is SO excited!!!  We are going to play lazer tag to feed into  his love of guns and violence. 🙂  I love his excitement. I just hope and pray he behaves.  Last time he had a party, if he didn’t like the gift, he didn’t hide it too well! 🙁

I love this boy.  I am grateful for his presence in our lives.  I am honored to be called mommy by him.  Even at 2 a.m.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Joshua.

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