Telemarketing 101

My phone rings off the hook with nonsense numbers. 1234567890… or 111222333… when I pick it up there is that all to familiar pause… just enough time to hang up.

Zachary and Jordan love answering the phone. It rings once or I don’t hear it even ring and I hear the footsteps followed by “Mommy, it is for you!” Annoying.

Today as my phone rang for the upteem time I found myself bubbling with annoyance. This time when I answered no one seemed to be there.

What a horrid job. Does anyone ever say yes to this form of marketing? I can’t imagine being a tele-marketer. You must have great self esteem to be hung up or said no to or other horrible things I sure people say.

I feel sad when I say no, and their voice is so despondent. I wish I could just give this person the money. Does anyone like this job? I am thinking I would rather work at Mcdonalds.

So what is the answer? Maybe when they are polite, they deserve respect back. Yet when they are obnoxious or pushy…maybe a hang up isn’t too rude. I don’t know the answer to this… but I saw this video and felt bad for the poor guy.

I had a “job” similar to a tele-marketer. It was the summer of my junior year in high school. My dad’s job for most of his life (when he worked) was to sell our church books and literature. This particular summer he had my brothers and I sell magazines that were published by the church.

He had these bib like aprons for us to wear… with pockets to hold the magazines and a place for the money. We were to say “I am working towards a summer scholarship buy selling these Christian magazines. Would you like to help me with my education…” Or something along those flowery words.

He dropped us off at different locations in town and would leave us for a few hours. The most effective spot he found was downtown Dayton. Third street and Hwy 48… this was a main intersection where the downtown sect passed through.

My dad gave us each a certain amount of magazines he EXPECTED us to sell. Kumar, being young, in elementary school was able to sell the most, being little and cute. When we did not meet my dad’s expectations, he would accuse us of not trying hard enough.

Can I tell you, this was a long summer! We hated it. It was stressful and tiring. But what I remember most was the dread of approaching someone, knowing you are bothering them. It is like I was a mosquito, buzzing around, in there way as they were dealing with life.

I hate tele-marketers. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to grow up and say “I can’t wait to be a tele-marketer. But I may be wrong… different strokes for different folks.

I was never in tele-marketing… but my little stint of selling Christian magazines on the sidewalk was enough experiemce with rejection to ever want a job like that.

I admire these people for working HARD and not sitting on welfare. So I try to keep this in mind as the phone rings… again!

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