The Big Picture!

At the start of each school year, there are so many decisions that must be made before school starts. I can’t even begin to fathom all of them. But two that affect my children are staffing decisions and classrooms… how they will be divided.

It is often a frustrating process, for parents and teachers alike, eager to know what has been decided, And yet those making the decisions must wait to see what enrollment is, which significantly impact these decisions made.

This year Jordan is in a split class. He, along with 8 or so other students will be in a 5/6 split. Grade 6 has only 14 or something students. While I think that Jordan will benefit from being in a class with older students, he is sad about being away from his class. I am sad he will not have Mrs. O, a teacher, a great teacher and an experience all in itself.

While there are so many concerns, I also know that administration is doing the best they can with all the circumstances.

It is so easy to judge and be frustrated with the decision process. Yet I know that the big picture is one we can not see as parents unless we are there making the decisions. Of course we are looking out for our own. But maybe we need to pause and appreciate all those looking at the best interest of all our children.

Griping and complaining gets us nowhere. I know that Jordan will react of my emotions. It is all good. We will make it a good year.

I appreciate so much all those that are part of what makes our school so special. Becoming involved is a great way to know what is happening and be able to see what makes Rhema different.

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