Love and Marriage…

Today will be the wedding anniversary for Jenna and new husband, Dave, from this day forward.  This beautiful young lady was the first babysitter we entrusted our wild boys too.  Jenna was their first and longest babysitter.

She lived next door to us and was a young 12 year old.  I remember her mom assuring me that she’s be fine with my 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old and Baby Max.  Her mom reminded me that she was right next door, if anything came up.

Thus began Sanj and I finding a life away from the boys!  The boys loved her.  They trusted her.  They teased her and pulled pranks on her.  Today, as we waited for her to walk down the isle, they were chattering quite animatedly about … “remember when we… to Jenna…”  Sanj looked at them eventually and said, “Wow,  you boys were quite something to Jenna!”

Then came that moment when I was ready to give birth to Josh, who came 3 weeks early, at 11 pm.  We had no family and as it was Easter weekend, didn’t want to bother our friends that said… “Call if you need anything…”  Jenna was family.  I knew that they boys could walk up from sleep and see her and feel so safe and comforted.  I knew she understood how I parented… I didn’ t the boys cry to sleep but rather usually laid with them if needed.  I know she’d protect them with her life and if anything came up, her mom was down the road now.

Jenna was one of the first to hold Baby Josh.  While our Josh doesn’t really know Jenna, as she was growing up and moving on, he loves repeating that Jenna was there to be one of the first to hold him.

Over the last years, Jenna has grown up and found her calling, working with children.  She has impressed us with how she has grabbed life.  The boys were chatting about when they discovered Jenna had a boyfriend.  How they laughed and teased.  They were appropriately impressed as he was quite a hockey player too.

Today we had the privilege of watching her walk down the isle.  As she walked right by me, I was overcome with emotion.  The boys were baffled by my tears.  I could hear them, “Mommy’s crying.”  “Why is Mommy crying?”  

I guess  I am much to young to have a daughter Jenna’s age.  Much to old to be a sister, I suppose… and yet I have this pride and love and adoration for this lovely lady… who has grown up right in front of me.  I wish her so much … love, happiness, babies and yet so much more.

Jenna… Congratulations!  May all your wishes come true!  We love you.  You will always be family to us.  I pray that life is good to you!  Lots of love…


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  1. Sheila Piner says:

    Awe how sweet! I LOVE that she took the time for a photo with your boys~

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