Jesus Loves Me This I Know

It is such a simple song… ” Jesus loves this I know… little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong…. Yes Jesus loves me… the Bible tells me so.” Rather than the Bible tells me so… I would say Jesus shows me so… over and over.

I have been such a believer in miracles. I love a great answer to prayer story. I love it even better when it is one of my prayers that are answered. I am not obnoxious to think that only my prayer gets the miracles to happen but I sure feels good to see the Hand of God in action.

Unfair is a blog I wrote a few day ago. Just a few days ago, I was asking God for a miracle. For Him to make a way to allow this family to be at Rhema. I was at the park with some of the boys yesterday, when my cell rang. It was the mom…. telling me that the school called… there was someone that was going to cover the balance of the bill, whatever the family couldn’t pay.

I was blown away. Actually I am still blown away. How huge is that? How wonderfully generous. How fabulous of God to answer in such an awesome way?

There has been so many changes this year that this little gift was just what I needed. Rhema is still Rhema in the ways that are so important to me. We are a community that embraces each other and it is what makes this place so special. The core is still there.

Jesus loves me. He shows me in so many little ways that I often miss them. Yet here it is … in a BIG amazing answer to pray…. to many that prayed. Here is a family that has to now know, if they didn’t before, that they matter, to our community and more so God. So neat, so amazing, I love it.

In so many ways, I am still a child. I feel vulnerable and lost so often. I am lonely and scared some of the time. I wonder and think of all the what if’s … in my life. Yet I know … really deep down know… Jesus loves me. Why do I ever question it? Because I am just like my kids, sulky when they don’t get their way.

Yet I know that my Parent has my best interest. I need to simply trust. I need to listen and hear. I need to believe. He has it all under control. I just need to let Him love me.

It is such a journey. Why it takes me so long to learn… I don’t know. But I am learning. It IS so simple if I allow it.

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