Country Living

I have always been a city girl. So I thought… but it is probably simply because I did not know the joys of country living.

I love it.

I love our house. Though it is quite a bit smaller, it is so bright and cozy, you don’t notice. I am blogging to the sound of crickets. My windows are open and it just feels so relaxed.

Oh the homework, lunches and laundry are still very much here but I have found (in the last 2 days) I am more relaxed and FEEL peaceful. I am happy and content.

I love the fact that the kids are outside and safe. Zach just brought a frog to the window… I don’t think I ever saw him actually hold one yet!

Maybe this is what HOME feels like. I like it.

Yesterday, day two in the house I was blessed with 6 friends or so that came and helped make the house home so fast! The main floor and bedrooms are unpacked for the most part. I made supper and even did dishes… without feeling grumpy! (Now that may not last)!

So I give thanks, for the goodness of friends, family and community. I give God all the credit for HIS PLAN. I wouldn’t have felt like this in the houses that we did not get. Patience and trusting go hand in hand. WOW… He is so awesome! So God, I thank You and love you so much. May You live in this home

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One Response to Country Living

  1. Rej says:

    I can't wait to visit; although I'm sure in November, snowy Canada looks all the same to me!