Be Like Jesus…

Calling yourself a Christian is a huge thing.  That in itself is a huge thing, don’t you think?You are a walking, talking witness of Christ, when you call yourself a Christian.  Here’s the thing about Christianity… it should be really about the relationship… it should be about Jesus and YOU!

This week I had  experiences that made me cringe.  I was driving to various cities, stopping at the local Christian book store to invite them to put my brother’s book in their store.   This engaged chatter… about various authors and speakers etc.

The person I was talking to said something along the lines of this pastor would be great if he was a Christian.  Ouch.  There was the explaination that this person believed in Universalism .  Obviously, this belief was not acceptable in the eyes of this person. Wow.

Sanj had a patient in this week.  A little 85 year old man that drove all the way from Toronto, himself, with no appointment.  This man was a friend of a friend from the church that Sanj grew up in.

This man was complaining about how back in the day, they worshipped a certain way.  Now days, many different ethnicity had come into the church and they way they worshipped was almost a mockery!  Oh Dear!

Here’s the thing, I have a huge issue with church when we got so focused on doctrines and beliefs that we forget the part of being Christ-like.  Really, does it not make you nervous to judge someone else’s walk?  Does it not make you nervous to question the realness of another person’s beliefs?

In my brother’s video on his book he said:

“People are still seeking spirituality… what they are not seeking is religion.”

I love that.  I have seen religion over the last 40 years of my life.  Often it gets you no where.  If you are not seeking spirituality in you religion, what do you really have?

This is not to discount church.  Of course not… especially to each his own… but there are so many things that seem to be able to cloud up the walk… you know, that walking hand in hand with Jesus?

Being Christlike is a huge thing.  It is what I continually seek to be… because ultimately, if it isn’t about my God and me then what is the point?

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