Warning:  This is a depressing post.

I’m usually pretty easy going when it comes to my kids.  Oh, I yell and lose it maybe a little more then most but I figured I’m entitled because I have twice and in some cases triple the kids as most normal people.  Normal is the key word.  I am anything but normal. Oye!  The bottom line is I adore my kids.  I love us hanging out together most times on my bed just vegging and will usually get the day’s tidbits around this time.  This time is usually the 3 younger ones.  The 3 older ones will pop in, lay on the bed and pop out, at different intervals.

I get it.  The teen years are full of these little and yet big people, trying to find themselves, assert their independence.  They feel they know it all and that the adults in their lives are lame and so don’t get it.  I know that there is confusion and frustration of so many levels and yet it would be detrimental to show that. Often you don’t realize they can smile or laugh until you see them with their peers.  You don’t realize that they do remember manners and kindness unless you see them in a public setting. Things in their world are immediate.  I mean, if they don’t get the _________ today, now, they may actually die.  Or how can they not go _________ otherwise they will let their bud down.  Gasp.

Now- disclaimer:  I know I can’t speak for the other families with teens… as I know there are many that have the perfect teen and don’t have issues… and all I can say is God does play favorites!!! LOL JUST KIDDDING!

So, today I am dealing with a bunch of things, mainly the inconvenience of a vehicle down…  anyways after arguing with one of my teens about foolishness related to wanting the vehicle … I said to him… “Do you know that you are never wrong?”

In all seriousness he looks at me and answers, “Yes, because you are never right.”

And then at that moment I knew God was there with me and gave me this laugh today.

Poor Foolish Child of Mine…


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