Hockey and Being Canadian…

It’s the weekend!!!  My favorite part of the week.  Today we slept in (well all except Josh, who woke up and told me he was too sick for school today- and I said ok).  Some of the boys came and crashed in our bed and we watched a movie.  Then everyone dispersed  and found breakfast.

The hockey game is on -for bronze on the Olympics – its US (who lost to Canada yesterday) vs Finland.  I love watching this kinda hockey.  It’s a few day, it’s exciting and then it ends.  Yesterday was a crazy day as Team Canada won over US.  I think it matters more to Canadians. Life seemed to literally stop yesterday while the game was on.  Most schools had it on.  Offices were streaming it… it was a big deal.

I love this picture as it seemed to sum it all up:


One of my younger boys  came home and told me that a girl in his class said he wasn’t Canadian because he was brown.  He explained that he was born here- in Peterborough and was as Canadian as her.  She said he wasn’t because he was not white.

It’s funny how some of my boys have had to deal with the race issue at such a young age.  It’s frustrating and makes me mad because this foolishness usually starts coming from home.

I saw this child  yesterday.  I wanted to hurt her.   (I know, not very grown up of me).  Of course I didn’t.  Sanj wouldn’t let me.  lol Just kidding.

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