A Day In the Life Of…

OMGoodness! I survived yesterday!!!  It was a crazy day – crazy because the boys were full of something. I love summer with the boys, road trips, day trips and lazy days. They are the best days and full of awesome memories.

This week the days past have not been so awesome.  There is fighting, beating each other up, more fighting and it seems to last literally the whole day.  That makes for a very exhausting day.  It means its the end of summer.  Usually summers are awesome until we hit the 2 weeks before mark.  I know it’s here even without a calendar- just by their behavior.

Tuesday, I took the boys in the afternoon to get haircuts.  Of course half of them said they didn’t need one… but lost the battle.  I want nice, neat looking heads of hair for my first day of school pictures! lol  Anyways, taking 6 of them means it takes about an hour and a bit to get all their heads done.  This usually means that I’ve been asked… “Can I have…”  about only  100 times.  It means that Josh lives in the games store besides the salon and has a list of games he must have now!  It means usually  bags of Kernals popcorn or an ice cream cone.  Josh was restless waiting, so our hair dresser- Helena (sweetest lady ever), asked Josh if he wanted to cut Tyler’s hair- he was getting a buzz.  Josh was delighted!


It was the first moment he was quiet!


Then Josh decided to do his own thing… and tried to buzz off Tyler’s eyebrows!  You can see Helena saying NOOOO! lol


Oye!  Last night though, took the cake… I was sitting on my bed in the midst of laundry when Jordan walks in.  He was holding a plastic container, with his hat over it.  Knowing my boys… I was sure there was a rodent awaiting me.  OK… I don’t do mice- they truly freak me out.  So I screamed for him to get out… but instead he wanted to show me something.


Upon closer look…


I saw his $100 bill in with the mice.  OMGoodness… its moments like these that I wonder, I mean really wonder why God thought I could handle life with 6 sons.

Early in the afternoon, I heard Max say there was a mouse in the basement.  Ugh.  Soon I see Tyler and Josh following Max down.  Then I heard one of the boys say they  caught it.  When I asked how, (as I was pretty sure none of them would touch it.. at least I hope not..) they told me they’d thrown a container over it and got rid of it.

Hummm… I should have realized that was just too easy.  What really happened is they went into Jordan’s room, took his money- which they knew he would miss… and put it in the container with the mouse and covered it with his hate.

The funny thing is the boys taped this … I guess they left their phone running in his closet and captured this reaction… except there was NO reaction.  I was impressed.  Jordan seemed to sense something was off immediately.

Yuck.  So they left the mouse as a treat for Jordan… they assumed he’d swipe it off the bed in search of his money.  Nope, calm, cool and collective was my Jordan!

The thing is I’m always shocked by their creative foolishness.  Of course I laugh and found it very funny but there is still always that shock factor.

Despite the crazy behavior of the last week and half… boy, will I miss them when they head back to the classroom!!!

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