A Getaway!

This weekend I went to a girlfriend’s cottage. What a wonderful treat! There were 4 of us in total… all I can say is was we plopped ourselves on the sofas… and I began to decompress… to just let go and feel it all slowly relax… and really have only myself to think about (for 48 hours)… I felt a headache coming on. This is what happens whenever I get a chance to be away alone.

I slept (but did not slept IN, much to my chagrin… my body rejected that idea…), watch some chick flicks, chatted about life, love and being part of the 10-18% of a special group… went on a wonderful walk… saw rabbit prints in the snow (keeping an eye out for the bear(s)…) then saw a rabbit and fox prints…. for a while… and then aw… just the fox’s prints… Life!

We eat great food… read a bit… even shopped a bit… then more girl stuff… and then before I knew I I felt a headache coming back… just as my body began regulating itself to returning to real life again.

I had a lovely time being in the company of special people. I am blessed with generous friends, that fill my cup of blessing overflowing. Thank you, God.

Back home… I am loving the “mommy is home… I missed you…” It is good to be missed.

Thank you a wonderful husband who just did it all. As I blog, he is downstairs cramming for his class… that ends tonight.

He will be needing a getway!

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