Mother’s Day…

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend… see what I did there, Sanj?  I took a Day and made a Weekend out of it! 🙂  I am so proud, exhausted and grateful to be mama to six beautiful, energetic, crazy boys.  It is a weekend that I am celebrated but couldn’t do so with out them and…. my husband.  So, on this weekend about mothers, I am grateful that God saw fit to pair me up with my polar opposite to make babies that are bits of him and bits of me.

It’s been such a journey – the past 20 years. Baby making, diaper changing, bottle feeding, diaper changing, chicken pox, seizures, ear infections,boogers, lost child, found child, figuring out beliefs that our ours, setting up boundaries, protecting, hurting, potty training, play dough, play groups, music classes, gymnastics, swimming, JK, SK, babysitters, date nights, trust, toys, broken toys, bills, groceries, homes, mortgages, cars to huge van, graduations, teenagers, drivers license, girls, girlfriends, college, university… and we continue … and I am so blessed to be along side this journey with my best friend and occasional pain in my rump…

Thank you, Jesus for the father of my boys.  Thank you for his character that is one I pray my boys inherit.  Thank you for his heart.  It’s huge.  Thank you that this man that you have blessed with SO MANY talents uses them to glorify You.  Thank you for his work ethic – that he works so hard to provide us for all we need.  Thank you for his committed, stick to it personality.  Thank you that he is mine.

I celebrate Mother’s Day because of this amazing man.


I love you.

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