Mothers Day 2016

Children are a heritage from the Lord…. Blessed is the woman whose quiver is full of them. (Psalms 127:3-5 )

I’m not sure even where to start.  I find as my children get older, my heart seems to grow fuller.  1) I didn’t think I could love them more than when they were little and edible and super sweet. Back then, they thought I was everything, knew everything and loved everything about me!  2) I didn’t think my heart had much more room to hold more love for them.  I mean, I adore them.  They fill me up with pride, irritation, laughter, frustration, adoration and discombobulation.  How is there more room in me to accommodate the continued growth of emotion?

Jordan called me Saturday night, “Oh good, you’re awake! I’m coming home and want to give you your present tonight.”  (If you know me, I love presents)!  He walks in to the bedroom with a beautifully wrapped box (thanks, Autumn) and I loved that he couldn’t wait to give me it  (Much like me, I can’t wait to give a gift).  He got me a lovely workout shirt (I’m working out right now… more on that in another post).  Thank you Jordan for your thoughtfulness.  I love you so much.

Sammy and I had a good fight Saturday.  I mean, I was furious and he was too because of course it was my fault!  I was not happy most of the day with him and was pretty -itchy.  He comes into my room that night too, and says, “Here, I figured you can use your Mother’s Day present right now.”  He handed me :


Hehe! I was able to see the humour in it and appreciate that he had something for me.  RME!  (Is that an acronym?  It should be.  Rolling My Eyes).  Sammy is back home and I adore him and yet he has a special gift of driving me crazy!!!  (Dear Jesus, please bless this child of mine with a quiver full of girls, after he is married- amen).

Sanj and Josh gave me breakfast in bed — yummy crepes with strawberries and cream.  They also gifted me with a special gift.  These are Sanj’s words:

A few years ago, life got crazy busy… Reema Sukumaran had been in the hospital in Kingston having a hysterectomy. Life at home was crazy without her taking care of us, organizing our lives and keeping us going and on track. When Reema got home, Mother’s Day had snuck up on those of us that depended on her. The boys and I wanted to do something special for Reema and decided to make her something for Mother’s Day.

Taking a lot of time, we strung together a necklace of 24 carrot, yes the edible kind. With great expectation, we presented Reema this gift for Mother’s Day. Men, don’t ever consider this as a potentially awesome option for a Mother’s Day present without other accompanying awesome presents.

This year Josh and I decided to make it right with a much bigger carrot painted in Gold. Just a learning moment for you crafty men , gold paint does not stick to a fresh juicy carrot. You have to look closely to see the gold sparkles on this carrot. Josh by the way loves eating carrots and decided to leave his special mark on this carrot for his mom by taking a nice bite out of it before we craftifed it. Just to prove that men can be taught we made sure this gift was accompanied by strawberry crepes as breakfast in bed and another nice gift that she really wanted. The final laugh however was on us as she wore our bling to CHURCH!


Have I said how much I adore my husband?  SMH! RME!  The funny part was no one seemed to question me wearing this crazy carrot necklace.  I am not sure if I should be disturbed by that or not!!! (Ok, Sanj did get me what I asked for and so I could enjoy wearing this silly carrot).

After lunch out, the boys and couple of girlfriends all hung out. I took a luxurious nap with Josh by my side, playing.  Supper time came and I loved that the kitchen was bustling with activity.


Sometimes the best gift is time.  The boys growing up have busy social lives and yet the best gift was having them all home, hanging.

13177239_1327725627242778_335064060281169268_nA picture really does say a 1000 words and yet can be summed in one word: Love. Blessed. Mom. Adored. Family. You pick.

Dear Jesus,

I am so grateful for this full quiver you have blessed me with.  Thank you so much for answering my prayer for a “happy” home all those years ago.  I am so grateful for every moment, even the very hard one, of being mom to these amazing creatures.  I am so thankful for Sanj, my best friend, the father of this crazy crew, for his love and patience that he must muster up to deal with us daily.  You are such a mighty God.  Thank you for blessing me with the gift of Motherhood.



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