Harvey Weinstein’s scandal did women a huge favour as I see it. On Sunday, Alyssa Milano asked people to reply #me too if they had been sexual assaulted.  This tweet started a movement that sparked over half a million tweet in that next 24 hours and continues to grow as people continue to #me too on Facebook and other sites.

Here’s the thing…  I am not sure why this is giving voice to so many but IT IS!  For this I am so grateful.  As I see friends and family #me too, it hurts my heart and yet as someone that has been through this too, I know that there is such freedom and the start of healing as we shout out that this happened to #ME TOO!!!  I see so many age groups and feel so sad when I see young ones hash tagging ME TOO.  Is there a way to make it stop?


You know as I saw and continue to see #me too with friends and family, I feel such pride in their strength.  It is huge to hash tag that you were hurt in such an ugly way.  It is sad that often then not it is by someone trusted or loved.

It isn’t just Hollywood and those Weinstein was ugly with. It is such a common thing and I really hope this gives all of us, those that #me too and those that aren’t able too yet strength and a knowing that they are not allow.

I saw a male #me too and felt such pride that he has the strength to stand up and say it!  I know there are so many men that can’t.  I know there are so many women that are not able to do that yet either.  I hope that they will dig deep and find that super strength to yell out #ME TOO because it is not your fault.  It is so freeing to say I was hurt.  I am angry.  I am confused.  I am furious!

I can’t wait to share my new project.  It’s been life changing for me.  It’s along the same lines of #me too. More on this later….  🙂

I am putting this out there.  If you have been hurt this way and need someone- I am here.  I am here so you can say #me too.  There is something powerful about breaking that silence.  You suddenly are not alone.  I love the TOO in the #me too.  You are not alone.  It’s sad, ridiculous and scary how many TOO represents.  I really believe that change is here.  I believe that victims are tired of being victims.  Being a victim suggests being  helplessness.  I was a victim for years.  Then… I realized that I am not helpless.  I am not going to stay a victim.  I am not staying a prisoner to that ugliness that was done to me.  I am a SURVIVOR!  I am in control of me and my life.  I am fighting hard.  I am proud of me.  I am proud of you and walk along side you as you hash tagged #me too.

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