Do You Have A Life Verse?

Do you have a life verse? A life verse is a Bible verse that is special to you. I guess I never knew it was called a life verse but the last months as life seems to come closer to an end for some of my dear ones, I have asked what their favorite Bible text is. This made me ponder on what my favourite verse in the Bible is?
John 11:35 Jesus Wept.
When I was younger, I loved this text we had to memorize because it was simple and also the shortest verse in the Bible. As I have looked back at the last few years of my life, coming to terms with big hurts, I could only depend on my Jesus to get me through these ugly pains. Over the last year I cried a lot of tears, as I wrote in my last post. I cried because I was scared. I cried because I was so tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I cried because I could not be mom as I wanted and needed to my babies. I cried because I could not be wife as I wanted to my Sanj. I cried because I could not be friends to my friends. I spent a year of weeping.
As I gave thought to a verse that I loved, it came so easy. Jesus wept. Jesus felt such pain that caused Him to weep. He knew He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead yet He still felt the pain of loss as he was surrounded by those that were hurting from the loss of their brother, their friends. I love that despite the fact that Jesus knew in a short bit, the weeping of those that loved Lazarus would be rejoicing, in that moment, He felt that pain too and wept.
As I read of others thoughts on this, many said that Jesus wept for other reasons, too. Yet, while He may have, I do not know how we know that for sure. What I do know is that He wept at the loss of His friend.
I was never a crier by nature. Well, the younger me did cry at those Hallmark commercial, at sad movies, all that kind of stuff. Then it seemed that as I had my babies, crying did not happen as easily. I am not sure if I hardened or just felt the need to be more in control as mom and defender to my little people.
Then the year happened where tears came. The year came where I wept.
I have felt God holding me so closer and reassuring me that He has it all in the palm of His hands. I know He was holding Sanj, my boys, my friends and family close, giving them what they needed to help me through this, one day at a time.
Knowing Jesus wept for His friend, Lazarus, I like to think that Jesus cried tears with me. He knew that I was going to make it. He knew He was going to see me through and yet in that moment, when my tears leaked down my face out of my heart, I believe that His tears were mingled with mine.
Jesus wept for me. Jesus wept with me. Jesus resurrected me from my pain.
So my life verse is one that is so short. Yet to me, a very powerful one.
Thank you, Jesus for weeping because You loved so hard. I thank you for loving me so much (I know I am Your favourite). Thank you for cupping my face with Your loving hands as I wept.
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