Tyler Graduate…

Today my Tyler (kid#2) is graduating with his Business degree!  This child of mine has been a joy to his father and I and we are so proud of him and the man he is becoming.  I have forever been calling him my gentle giant since he was in Jk.  He was such a timid child, one that would hide behind me when out and about.  Know I know he will stand in front of me and defend me to the ends of the earth.  He is a defender of those he loves.

As he has grown, he has lost his timidness and became a confident, silly, funny, motivated man.  As I write the word MAN, I am not sure how that is possible, and a lump in my throat is growing as I just adore this son of mine.

Sometimes picture say it best…


Such a beautiful baby… truly a gift from God to Sanj and I.


I’m jumping to boyhood sadly my pictures are on another computer … but this face is one of mischief and playfulness.


He can be very intensive and a thinker.


He loves gifts but can never stand to not know what may be coming his way!


He is an athlete …




He is a lover of animals…


He has always had a fascination with his facial hair…


We are so proud to be his mom and dad…


LOL he is a big kid…


He is my styling man, thrilled when he could fit into his dad’s clothes… dad not so thrilled.


He loved his Ammama and she loved him.  He was never to big to crawl into her bed and hang out with her.  She was and would be so proud of him today.


A boy and his toy…


A beautiful girl and her lucky boy….


Again, mischievous child of ours… this picture was on picture day one year in high school.  There was a no hat policy for pictures.  I guess this child of mine took that as a challenge.


Brothers stick together.  Don’t mess with his brothers as he is a defender to them whether he likes them that day or not.


He is a guy’s guy.


And then sometimes not… he was cleaning up the tarp from the winter rink… and then scurried out of there tell Sanj the snake was THIS BIG and he was not going back! lol


Tyler, we are so proud of you.

We love you.

You will always be our baby.

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