This weekend was Family Day and for one day, all the boys were home. My heart felt contentment as these huge bodies squished into the SUV (that most families would find a comfortable ride) as we head the hour and bit to a favourite restaurant. There is the constant banter, arguing, debating of WHO is the better skater? Who was/ the better hockey player? Who is the tallest? Who is my favourite? Then there is the request of renting the local rink for an all out brothers battle on the ice!

I love the chatter of who will be whose best man. There is never a question of anyone but a brother being their best man. Then there is the bargaining. “If you’re my best man, then I get to be yours, ok?” And then that means Brother X will be Brother Y’s, OK? And then there is the question of how many brothers can be the groomsman. Can I tell I you love this?!! Who the women are doesn’t factor into the conversation. LOL

I am inhaling, ready to butt in and play referee before it escalates into a ugly battle (a role I have played for 24 years) and yet exhale realizing that they can handle themselves. Their weird banter is a foreign love language. Maybe this is the definition of brotherhood, at least in our house. I doubt they will ever say they love each other. Yet headlocks, choke hold, wrestling must be their sign language for I love you! So weird!

I love my boys. I pray that this brotherhood will always be there. I pray that as school, careers, relationships continue to add chapters, that the headlocks, choke holds, wrestling will always continue.

This is a picture that lovingly portrays our boys. Disclaimer… these are just moments! 🙂 I hate the perfect families that others seem to have! lol

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