Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

I feel like I am finally getting back to normal… Jordan will be going back to school tomorrow morning and life goes back to the good ole routine. I have missed the gym. I am so looking forward to just working out.

I have been really bad with giving into the crap my body seems to crave… almost need when I feel a little emotionally off balance. Unfortunately this could be every few hours! You know what is one of my favorite sinful indulgences? Wonder bread, soft… lathered with butter and then sugar. If you nuke it for a few seconds, just to melt the butter a smidgen… oh… butter and sugar…
every bit of emotional discombobulation disappears for the 20 seconds it takes to let that melt down.

Another favorite… cake icing. Or a pinch of brown sugar… that is soft. Hum… wonder why I am diabetic?

Ok I could go on. I am sure most of us could. Well not all of you… you know who you are… those of you that are walking around with my body… the one I see in my head.

But… hey… tomorrow I begin again.

Can’t wait. There is something to be said about routine…. bring it on.

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