I love watching the coverage today! (I also got ALL the laundry finished!!!) I am taken by the Obama family. I love watching the girls! What lovely girls! I love Michelle’s poise and confidence. I love the interaction between them. I love President Obama’s calm.

I feel calm just watching him. Of course none of this right now is about government or politics. It is about people. I had so many thoughts today as I watched:

Was he lonely? How much he must miss his mother and grandmother.

How amazing it must be to know that he is part of history… a part of a huge history.

What does one do after being president? He will still be young….

What I loved about this family is that it is about family. The chemistry and connection between each other is inspiring.

It is about family. It is about history, past and present. It is about people believing, needing to believe, ready to believe again.

I pray for President Obama… that God will guide him, use him and keep him close in His care.

I pray for a nation… a world.

History… a beautiful thing… today was amazing and inspiring!

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