Happy Birthday Joshua!

How I love this boy of mine! With each passing day, I see the beautiful gift that he is.
Today Joshua Daniel is FOUR YEARS OLD!
He is a truly beautiful child.
He believes that life is all about him.

When he climb up on our bed… he believes that the middle spot is HIS! It doesn’t matter who else is there.
He believes that the love in our family is all about HIM.
He knows that if there is a problem, any one of his brothers can FIX it!
He trusts the love.

Even when he is mad, he trust the love.
How beautiful is that?

He is a boy all his own. He loves GUNS! He loves fighting and shooting. He loves bad guys and good guys.
He loves Indiana Jones. He loves Agent 99 (Get Smart). He loves Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. He loves army guys.

He loves vegetables and fruits. He loves me saying “You are so healthy!”
He loves his cowboys boots.

He loves clothes… especially suits, vests and ties.
He is not a tee-shirt kind of guy.
He loves bras… hehe… much to Sanj’s chagrin.
He loves to walk around in my heels.

Josh is a child that is a gift. He will be greatness. Well he is greatness already.
He is a bundle of joy and pain all in one. He is full of love and yet can exhaust the most energetic of the bunch.
He is as yummy as jelly beans… His favorite candy.

Joshua Daniel Sukumaran … I love you!
Happy Birthday My Yummy Jellybean!

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One Response to Happy Birthday Joshua!

  1. SG says:

    He looks absolutely YUMMY!