Friends Make the World Go Around…

Today I talked to an old girlfriend of mine. We have been through the ups and downs of growing up. I can call her and pick up were we were despite the weeks that go by. I am so glad for the constants that have been in my life. I am so glad that there are some friends that just don’t need the explanation.

Today I talked to another friend… we have been friends only a short while… yet she has been with me forever. Does that makes sense? I feel such a connection that allows me a closeness that normal would take many moons. I receive love and affection. I am blessed with such caring and consideration. I feel like in many ways I have met my twin… and yet have such a long way to go to even to in that legend. I feel nurtured and fed.

Today I talked to another friend… we can chat and catch up in minutes and yet know that we are really are there for each other.

Friends… I am blessed by all those God has placed in my life. I am amazed at how He know what I need and when.

I hope that I give to others a bit of what I receive daily.

I pray that my boys will be blessed with friendships that make them better people.

I hope that as the circle of life continues that we remember what is important. It is all about the connections we make… and that make us.

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