Bad Words? YES!!! Many of them. I am your over the top idiot! Remember my last post… Max and his Taj Mahal project? Well I found a paper craft for making the Taj. As I worked on it (yes me…) it way to complex for Max to cut out properly. So I figured that he could help me assemble it. Well as I put together the first section… I realized it was way to complex for ME to put it together.

So I was off to idea number three. As I was waiting for a idea to fall out of heaven (literally)… I walked by the cake decorating isle. HEY! Why not make a cake??? One of the project’s purpose it to identify the shapes in the building chosen. There are all sorts of shapes and stuff to make cakes. I would make this amazing creation and it was perfect because Max could do it all with me.The excitement was LITERALLY oozing out of me.

5 cake mixes later, more than a dozen eggs and many dirty dishes later… I start to assemble my masterpiece.


*&^%%$$@%$%&^%*&^(*&()(*)(*_(*_(**&*&&^%&%$^%#$#%$# !!!

Sanj walked in to see me dejected and defeated. The creation in my mind was not what appeared on the counter.

This is Max’s expression when he saw it:

Needless to say, it is 8 p.m. and Sanj is off to rescue Max… off to town they are to get whatever to make this project so that it is not a embarrassment to the Sukumaran household or my sweet Max!

Why do I not KNOW my limits? I love projects and usually do a good job. But really creating a Taj Mahal out of cake? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???


Here is a picture of Sanj making THE TAJ…. Such concentration… such focus… guess that is why he is the PhD. student and I am

Zach is awaiting my help with his Animal Project… let’s hope there is not drama there!

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2 Responses to %&*(!@?%$$#!!@##!!!

  1. a friend says:

    Just curious to know what swear words you were thinking?? LOL!!!!

  2. sg says:

    Ohhh this is sooo me except that I would NEVER attempt it. I cannot make any cool cakes of the sort…and put together a paper Taj Mahal??? You have more guts then me!