Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today is my sweet child’s birthday… I hope I will still be calling him sweet over the next bit… as he is entering his teenage years.

Lord, help me! Tyler is a beautiful child with a wonderful spirit. He is full of kindness and warmth. He is compassionate and thoughtful. He is one that is effected by other’s suffering and pain.

As he continues to grow into a young man, I wish him the continued passion which he approaches life (sometimes called obsessing about things….). I wish him the continued gift of gentleness and thoughtfulness.

He has always been my gentle giant. He is wearing a size 10 men’s shoe… He is going to be a big man.

He has not always had the easiest of times but it is his gentle spirit that continues to see him through the rough moments.

God gave you a big heart, Tyler. It is a gift. You make me proud of how you continue to use it over and over.
You are a cherished gift to me. How much I love you and am grateful that you are in my life.
Live each day, Tyler, with all you have.
Love each person in your life will all you have. ( That doesn’t have to apply to the opposite sex)! lol
Laugh that beautiful laugh that lets me know you are happy even when it has been a rough one.

You are a beautiful boy.
Be proud of all that God has blessed you with.
He made you and has BIG plans for you.
I love you so much.
Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

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