The Bed!

It is 5:42 a.m. and I am up.  This is not a typical thing but as I climbed back into bed I felt like I was climbing a sand dune!

Our bed is a gadget bed.  It is one that has two single size bladders that make a kind bed.  The “luxury” of this bed is that each person can have their chosen level of comfort.
It was a splurge many years ago that my sweet dear hubby bought.
He is a gadget person.  He is also stubborn!
Over the years the something or other leaks causing the mattress to slow get softer and softer.  If you are on my side, you can actually roll off as you would as a kid rolling down the hill.
It is a chore to hook up the tubal thing and pump it up.  So it doesn’t get done too often.  So by morning I have rolled down hill and am snuggled into Sanj!  Hum… maybe this is his motive all along… as I am a leave me alone sleeper.
I keep threatening to go out and buy a new bed… which may happen at some point.  Yet there always seems to be too many other things to buy with that kind of money! lol
So as I climbed back onto my bed… feeling grits of sand… from the boys who laid there after no doubt playing in the sand box…
I felt like I was at the sand dunes… I just need a bucket and shovel!
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2 Responses to The Bed!

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  2. Reema Sukumaran says:

    Thank you Hildo! I would love to go there someday… and will check it out! Thanks!