Love Me… Like Me….

I am not sure what the mother rules are… so I am probably breaking a big one… but is it OK to admit you don’t LIKE one of your kids?

Probably not, eh? Well good thing I am not talking about one of mine! lol They are all angels and I love them dearly!
A friend of mine is having a tough go. Her daughter is miserable all the time, rude and has a problem with entitlement. She is never wrong and therefore really does not feel the need to apologize. My girlfriend has so worried about her daughter not having a conscious.
I, personally think a parent is not going to like their child all the time. It is OK to feel that way because it is a real emotion and who really likes anyone 100% of the time. I don’t like myself 100% of the time!
I remember when one of the boys was born, my labour was very painful. It was a short labour (I use that term loosely). 2 hours of active labour and I was out of this world in pain. I have to admit that when he was born, I really did feel anger towards this babe.
Stupid, yes, I know. But I was dealing with the boy factor even though I already knew the sex and to top it off, it so ridiculous the pain that I went through. I thought a shorter labour was going to be awesome… I would have rather been in 12 hours and had an easier time.
So day 1 went by and I started to feel really bad about not liking this babe. What if I didn’t bond with him? I remember the 2nd night laying there, just staring at him. Slowing over a period of time, I feel in love with this rascal. He worked it and won my heart. He is a keeper.
Thankful love takes time sometimes… even for parents.
So as I watch my girlfriend struggle to like her daughter, I think it is perfectly normal, isn’t it?
The love is there. The like factor is as it is in any relationship. Why should parenting be different?
But what do I know… as I am constantly reminded by my wonderful babes!
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