I had such a busy day. It was very full… but I felt good.

I got a haircut… my haircuts don’t vary too much… bangs… grow out bangs… layers… grow out layers… that is about the most I get as far as excitement goes.
I wish I could chop it all off… very short… unfortunately the one time I did it… my 30th birthday… I looked awful… I want a Halle Berry crop cut… yet maybe forgot that I didn’t have the Halle Berry face to go with it! Bummer.
Over the last year, at least, my hair is falling out. OK… I know that every one has hair that falls out. But this is major hair loss. It’s thinning… I am so stressed that I am going to be a lady with see through hair. I know ladies that have this problem and they are so graceful about it. I wouldn’t be.
So… I went and got my hair cut shorter and with shorter layers. I am hoping to trick myself into thinking that my hair is healthy again. I am also going to take gelatin caplets… apparently they will help… and I am praying that God could spare a moment to the petty problem of my hair loss.
I enjoyed the time in the office. I think I enjoy messing of the computer. I always wanted to be a teller and play with the cash machine when I was a kid… maybe this is fulfilling that long lost desire!
I realized that not every one likes me… today. OK… really… what is not to like??? I realized that two people didn’t like me. Actually maybe they are both threatened… by what I don’t know… but I don’t like the feeling of not being liked… especially when I KNOW I didn’t do anything!
I went and looked for a couple of outfits for work… I like getting dressed up. I like shopping without little people opinions (although last week when Josh and I went work clothes shopping… he told me “You look fabulous!” Boy I love that kid!)
I am trying really hard to convince myself that I dislike food. I want to look like I see myself in my head. I have to pick up Tyler from youth group in a few minutes… and all I can think of is a quick stop at Tim’s for a sprinkled donut or a hot carmel sundae from McDonalds. I have issues.
I got three loads of laundry done today. I was impressed with myself… maybe the busier I am the better I will keep up with the laundry… We’ll see! I can always hope!
I am reading a good book… one that draws me into the character right away! The Book of Negroes… how do people write like that? Wow… I wish I could learn to do that … but I really believe that it is just a gift…
I am going away this weekend… a women’s retreat from church. I am so looking forward to it. I am just looking forward to being… just being… I am looking forward to being with friends… and I am looking forward to reading…. eating (of course) and sleeping!
It is just all about me… in this blog.
Wow… I still can’t believe that there are people that really don’t like me!!! lol
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