Today I spent some time catching up with some friends. Good stuff! I love my friends… I love so many of you who just inspire me, encourage me and love me.

Can’t get much better then that, can it?!!! Well… yes it can… I am going away this weekend!
I am getting more excited each minute! I love being with people… and yet love being able to have time to relax, be feed, sleep, read and hang out.
I am also really inspired to plan one for the ladies at our school this year again. I am just motivated again. It feels good! I love our school… OK I know I say that but I really do.
I get such energy there…
I am back on the Good Neighbour Committee. I missed it. I didn’t know how much I would miss it. This is a committee of people who have a giving heart and spirit. We think of things to do that will give back to our community… and teach our children through our actions, how to be a Good Neighbour.
We make a home made Thanksgiving Dinner… turkey, stuffing, cranberries, pie… and NO PAPER PLATES! lol I have people that keep me in line! This is for seniors who may other wise be alone… or for people that just need to be there.
It is a great day… I can’t wait!
Anyways… I am really looking forward to working with a great group of ladies… and getting to know the new members!
There is something about doing for a cause or person with no intentions of any kind. It is the kind of thing that takes people off guard.
I have ideas… oh, so scary! Lots of ideas! It is all good!
We are so blessed. Each of us… even with the struggles in each of our lives… don’t lose focus of all the blessings! Just being alive is a blessing!
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