The Lottery

I realize that most Christians don’t gamble or play the lotto.

I have to admit… I love playing the slots. I love it! We were in Las Vegas for a conference. Sanj was off to his meeting and I had my 20 dollars to play the 25 cent slots. I didn’t realize how fast that would go.
Now what? I still had a lot of time to kill. In my pockets, I found Sanj’s business card. Insert a big smile here. Cha Ching. I had a great morning.
There are the slots that are down the road from us. They help keep our taxes low. I haven’t been. I know I better keep away. I do have an addictive personality.
Imagine the Freedom” that is our lotto’s slogan. Oh, I can imagine the freedom. But I am grateful for all I have and even all I don’t have. God has it covered.
But all this said to say that yesterday I won the lotto. No, it wasn’t monetary yet it was huge.
I am on a journey. Part of that journey was waiting for an opinion from someone important.
I didn’t realize that I was waiting with bated breath. I was. I didn’t realize that my heart had been racing from the anticipation and fear.
I think I am on the path to writing for real. I feel that this is my calling right now. (Of course, being ADHD, I have other callings at the same time).
My heart is actually hurting. I wonder if I am having symptoms of a heart attack or if it is just nerves and excitement.
Sanj encouraged me to ask this editor/friend to check out my blog. I was scared. I did. Then I waited. I was so scared of what I would hear. She had said, “How honest do you want me to be?”
Yikes! Honest. I don’t want to waste my time. Yet, I feel a calling. I just need to know if it is just the voices in my head I am hearing.
So I waited. She contacted me about other stuff but said nothing of my blog. I was ready to throw up.
Yesterday, this editor/friend was on the mall trip. I don’t know what she said to preface it or what she said after it but here is what I remember:
“You write well.” She may have even said “very well” but I think I stopped listen.
Oh my gosh!
This was my affirmation from God. I asked Him to please let her show me the way.
So I am on a journey. I am going to be a writer. I don’t know what that means yet but I am on the road. I really hope I don’t have a heart attack before I even begin.
I won the lotto. (Thanks, Barb and thanks, God).
(Could you say a prayer for me)?
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