Do I blog my thoughts?  Who really cares?  Well, in our  household there are huge Tiger lovers.  My men love golf and they love the gift that Tiger obviously has.

I have always disliked him.  I am not sure what it is about him but I have never been a fan.
I always felt he was to stuck up.  Sanj and the boys call it focused.
Me… I always felt that Mr. Woods made his millions + from the fans that love him and follow him.
They made him rich.  The richest athletic out there.  Most of his billions are made of endorsements… Nike, etc.  Then folks like my boys go out there and want the stuff.  Anything to be like Tiger.

Hum.  I have always found his aloofness bothersome.  He seems like he suffers from some social issues.  (Obviously we now know better).  He didn’t have a problem being put up on a pedestool… he even embraced it… saying it is a priviage to be a role model. 

Sanj wonders why people care about Tiger that don’t care about golf?
For me, it is because he set himself up … to be better than all.
We are all human.  We all fall.  Must be hard to fall from way up there!

Now you see that he had a whole diffrerent life.  Women, sex and what else?

So, I see this man, who has major issues.  I never really understood how people think they can cheat and not get caught.  What are you thinking? 

 I see his beautiful wife and wonder what is wrong with you, TIger?  His poor children.  His poor wife.  She is who has my prayers.  I can’t image the pain and humiliation she must feel.   

I feel sorry for Tiger…  I hope he gets help.

My thoughts… while on topic… I did find this funny… yes, and mean… but funny.

“What does Tiger and Santa have in common?”
Santa stopped at 3 ho’s  (ho ho ho)

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