Just a Few More Hours…

I am finally done wrapping… 12:32… maybe I’ll get to see Santa!

Everyone is in bed… tucked out!   The boys and Sanj had a great game of hockey and finally came in when someone got hurt and tempers started flaring!   Josh helped me make cookies for Santa and watched Elf… we love that movie!

We went to church… there is something about singing praises to God.  It was just what I needed to get to the place I want to be emotionally and spiritually.

I feel so good.  It is a time of me just appreciating all that is in my life… the gift of love from my family and friends, the knowledge that God is really in control…. and I just need to let it all go…

It feel so good to release it.

Christmas… this is the first ever that we are alone with no one here except us.  Weird.  Different.  But it is all good.

Jesus, Happy Birthday.
Thank you for the most awesome gift… Yourself.
Thank you for Your patience.
Thank you for the blessing that surround us… we just have to look…
I love you so much.
Thank you for all of it… the blessings and trials.
Thank you for tonight.  Thank you for tomorrow.
Happy Birthday, Jesus!
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