My Tyler… I have written about his obsessive personality before.  He loves routine and the familiar.  Change for him is often a four letter word.  

Since he was a toddler and old enough to express his thoughts, he has been one that prefers jeans, a cotton tee-shirt and a cotton sweatshirt.  In the summer its shorts and a tee-shirt.

When it is a day that requires a bit more dressing… such as khakis and a collar shirt… then cause great stress.  For the longest time, he had to button his shirt right up to the top. 

Now as he has grown older, he has found ways to cope.  He will dress as asked when required, yet he takes his comfort clothes with him. As soon as we are in the car, he changes.  This isn’t an exaggeration.

Over the month, he simply wanted clothes.  Not clothes from my usually hits, such as Old Navy, but rather from his faves such as Hollister and Abercrombie.  (Where does he get his expensive taste from?)

While shopping, I bought him a pair of sweat pants.  The boy never wears them.  On a rare occasion, he may need a pair, he will hit my closet or Sanj’s looking for something that will accommodate.
So I decided to buy him a pair… knowing that Jordan or Sammy would love to snatch them up if he didn’t like it.

He also kept asking for a button down shirt with checkers… Sammy wears these all the time and apparently this is the in thing.  I kept telling Tyler, I don’t think you will wear it.

Anyways, here he is,,, my sweet boy, breaking out of his comfort zone to stretch himself.

It’s day two… he has sported the shirt 2 days now… the sweatpants… he loves.

I love this kid of mine.
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