Is It Time?

Growing up, my dad preached the end of the world better than any preacher.   I grew up thinking a lot of life in the hills and mountain… worried about the “bad guys” coming and torturing us.  I knew that I loved Jesus and no matter what I could handle it.

I grew up thinking that Jesus would literally come before I was a teenager.  Then that changed to His coming before I would ever get married.  Then I started to have beliefs that were my own and not just because me dad said so.  Things such as The Mark of the Beast, 666, The Sunday Law caused me fear.

My children know that Jesus loves them.  They understand prayer.  Growing up, they have never needed to have Someone be there for them because they have had us.  Yet they have had moments that they needed Someone and it wasn’t us.  I am so glad that they feel God’s presence… that He is there is their mind and heart.

My kids have not been taught to fear the end of the earth.  I am not sure they have even understand that.  They have been taught about heaven.  I doubt that they every really think of a timeline of this though.

As I hear of the earthquakes and tsunamis… all the stuff that is prophetic… I can’t help it… is Jesus going to come soon?  Instead of being scared, it really does excite me.  While I hope that all the stuff that is prophesied can just be skipped and wall- la…. Here He is…. I am not scared.  I can’t wait for heaven.

I can’t wait to just see happiness in everyone I love everyday.  I can’t wait to see no  more sickness.  No more heartache.  I think it is time!!!

My friend was here the other day and we were talking about heaven and knitting.  I said, “there is not going to be knitting in heaven.”  She argued… “Of course there is… there is going to be time to do all the stuff we want to do and just don’t have time.”

I loved hearing her say that.  Not really about the knitting… but rather, I loved the different ideas each of us has of heaven.  What she was wanting and needing was time to do just as she wanted.

Do you ever think of heaven?  I wonder if I will have to ask God all the questions I have or once I get there, will all the answers just be known in my heart?

I wonder what it will be like to meet Eve?  I am pretty sure if I was Eve… I would have eaten the fruit too.  Temptation!  I wonder also, if I had been there in Jesus’ time, when He was here on earth, would I have been one of those people that believe He was the saviour?  Or would I have doubted?  I want to think that I would have believed but what if I was really one that doubted?

Then I think of people that I believe may go to hell because they are bad yet that is the thing about forgiveness… it can be asked even at the last minute!

As I see the world events happening and remember my dad preaching fire and brimstone… I can’t help but feel excited and wonder… really?  Is this event that so many have waited a life time for… here?  Will it happen in my life time?

I am ready!  Just the thought makes my heart pound!
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