Good… It’s Good!

A perfect day… waking up without the rush of getting out the door (though I wonder again WHY can my kids not sleep in on the weekend)???  Reading my books and actually relaxing a bit…. then cooking up a storm for company coming…  (I was stressed as I was exposing them to Indian food for the first time… and felt the pressure!!!)… enjoyed the company…  now listening to my men all jamming it out with their dad.  Hey, it actually sounds like heaven here!

Sanj said to me, “Dear, our boys can play… I have more fun playing with them then I do on most praise teams!”

Note to my boys:  That is the ultimate compliment!

I love that this is the new evening relaxation mode.  So Backstreet Boys…  you have nothing over my boys!

In a bit, I am going to watch my movie, “It’s Complicated” and then read some of my book.  It is that perfect reading weather, bit cloudy, breezy and cooler now.

Life is good.  I am so glad that I can feel the love.  There are many times when one of the boys are driving me nuts.  A few hours again, Josh was in his obnoxious form… I could have strangled him!  

Ah… I feel like it is as good as it gets… and there is still one more day to the weekend!  Wahoo!
Hope yours is a good one too! 
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