Strange and Wonderful All In One!

It’s Monday and boy, let me tell you, my kids are SO ready for summer!!!  It was ridiculous how long it took for everyone to go off to the land of dreams.  My kids are usually  in bed early, compared to most folks.  Josh, 7 p.m., Zach, usually 7:30 is, Max and Jordan 8:30 p.m. latest  and then Sammy and Tyler are in by 9 p.m.  Of course there are exceptions but really this is something I am pretty anal about!  I know my boys need their sleep.  They play hard and so they need to be able to gather their fuel for the next day.

This morning was brutal getting them up.  How many weeks left?  Here’s the thing, the remainder of the weeks are busy one!  Actually, they are VERY busy ones!!!  I think we have something every weekend.  Most of the things scheduled are for the school and a fundraiser of sorts.  Then there is graduation for my sweet Tyler!  Wow… that I am not ready for!  I won’t go there today.  I need to focus.

I am home doing laundry, trying to get most of it done so that packing will be less of an ordeal. I am making a meal for a family that needs a break, of course my turns lands this week.  Hey, if you are going to be busy, why not be extra busy.  Actually, I didn’t realize that this weekend was here so soon.  I thought that I had one week in between.  It’s all good, though.

Thanks for all your comments and helpful suggestions regarding my cramps.  I found them very helpful and plan on looking into something effective before the next attack.

I had an interesting conversation with my mother-in-law last night.  It was just the two of us talking while I was getting supper together.  We ended up talking about funerals.  She was quite free with letting me know some of her wishes.  It was a weird conversation.  I am pretty sure this woman will bury us! lol

I really need to be off and get my mess in order… but before I go, here are some things the boys said to me these last few days.  I blog them to share because to me, they are funny.  I also blog them to remember down the road!

Josh:  “Mommy, you know when Jesus died, they put perfume on him.  How come?”
I respond with a mommy answer.
Josh: “Oh!  Did they put perfume on Michael Jackson too?”
This makes me wonder how his mind works!

Today because I was putter around, I put on jean cut offs and one of Sanj’s tee-shirts.  I picked up the boys, gave them a snack and ran into the grocery store.  As I was walking to the van, apparently this was the conversation that was occurring in the van:

Max:  “Is that Daddy’s tee-shirt Mommy is wearing?  (His brother agreed).  Max: “Well it will be kinda stretchy after Mommy wears it.”  (Making reference to my boob-aciousness)!

Another one of my boys:  Mommy, do you want to know something weird?  My friends think you are cool!  That is so strange!”  

Have I mentioned how much I love my boys?  They are so funny and crazy and smelly and loud and strange and fascinating and rock my world!  How did I ever get to lucky?

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  1. Tava Tea says:

    This is the first time i have ever read your blog but I'm glad you are feeling free.
    I hope you stay free and remember that life is what you make it <3