The Graduate

Tyler is graduating from Grade 8.  What?  How did that happen?  Who is this young man that is confident, friendly and outgoing?
My Tyler that I left crying 10 years ago in JK was a mama’s boy.  He had major separation issues.  Life was so hard.  Everything from clothing to sharing his beloved triceratops was so complicated.  He was so intense and serious.  Did I mention life was so hard?
I remember he wanted to do a sleepover so badly.  Sammy could do it at this age (whatever age that was). Yet leaving home overnight was so hard.  My poor sweet boy.  He really wanted to.  Yet, just could not.  He was not ready.
He was a child that fixated on things.  Different teachers would likely remember him for his different phases.  There was the tools and elephant stage in JK.  There was the triceratops, then the crocodiles and the Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin.  Then came hockey… and golf.  Now, apparently, it is girls!
I love this son of mine so much.  I love his passion for his friends and family.  I love his need for fairness and all things right.
He is a great friend.  He is a good brother.  He is a wonderful son.
My sweet Tyler,
As you leave the safety of grade school behind, I know you will shine in high school.
You are such a good boy.  I know you will continue to be a great young man.
Always remember to do your best, treat others as you would like to be treated and remember that you are loved by your family and God.
You will be so great in high school.  Enjoy, study, have fun and be good!
I love you my wonderful Tyler!
Happy Graduation!
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