Today I did the unthinkable… I held a little, wee babe!  She was 8 weeks old.  Oh… I knew there was a good reason I don’t do babes!  I felt the wanting immediately.  Oh, I know… I say the talk… that I am done because I know I need to be done.  I know my sweet husband would likely have a heart attack if we had to do it all over again.  Well, he would love it till the teen angst hit us and then….

Yet, there is nothing sweeter than a babe,  so small, sweet and utterly delicious.  I am feeling the urge that, of course, must be smashed… but… I am made for babies.  I am made to love them senseless.  I actually did something I never do… I gave her my number, “If you need a break…”  she is a single mom.  I am hoping she needs a break!

Sigh.  I am being greedy.  I was blessed with 6 absolutely delicious babes.  I must do my time of dealing with the moody broodiness and the under- appreciated-ness  of the my teens.

Yet… oh… I feel my arms sighing for that blessed moment.

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