900th Blog

As I have been writing, I have been eying the number blog I am on.  I kept seeing 889… and seem to be stuck forever to get to 900!  This is my 900th blog!  Yah me.  Of course this is a huge accomplishment for me simply to stay on task with a particular thing.  Every time I have a lull in my blog, Sanj begins to nag.  “You haven’t blogged in two days… what’s going on?”

This is something I have managed to find enjoyment and fulfilment in.

So I have set myself a goal… Yikes… Yes, I am writing it down…
By the time I reach my 1000th blog post… I will have written my book… whatever that takes shape as.

I have a thing for numbers.  900… that is a lot of writing!  
I am proud of me.  
This makes me smile.
Yah me!

900 blog posts!

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