Hook, Line and Sinker

I had the most delightful afternoon yesterday.  What this means is aside from the usually fighting and whining, aside from wondering why I ever thought I could ever parent 6 boys… aside from my throbbing finger that got hooked and the headache from the door bashing my head…  I had one of those days that I hope I remember while rocking on my porch in my latter part of life.

The boys love fishing.  Most of them…  Sanj loves fishing.  I learned why my husband complains when he goes fishing with the boys.  He wants to fish!  You can’t fish when you constantly have a little fisherman frustrated with a tangled line.  You can’t fish when you spend most of the time de-tangling lines and problem solving.

Yesterday I decided to take the boys fishing.  Having boys, a husband who works to provide the living we enjoy, I decided that I better step up to the plate.  We got the fishing rods, went to the bait shop and off we went.  I am sure girls like fishing but my boys love it.

We got set up after changing locations once (having Josh, I felt unsafe fishing off the Lock with all that rushing water… it actually made me feel sick looking at it).  Some of the boys put the worms on and others can take the fish off the hook so I felt prepared. Never really having paid attention, I had to figure out what all the do-hickeys were for and where they went.  Example… the bobber… how much distance should it be from the hook… how do you put the sinker on… etc.  

After much time went by, I decided to rig up a fishing rod for me.  I decided to put the worm on my hook… how hard can it be?  Ugh… after Josh (who amused himself by cutting the worms for us… and he actually baited the hook at few times…) gave me a worm, I pulled myself together, did not throw up as the gunk began to come out of the worm’s body and began threading the worm like a sock onto my hook.  YES, I DID!  Yah me!  This may not impress many of you, but believe me, I impressed myself!    I did a fine job of casting my rod… and was exhilarated with the distance and smoothness that it went.

Max watched me, I must have been beaming, because he looked at me and said, “You feel very good about that, don’t you!”  lol  YES, I did!!!

We didn’t have much luck with the fish, only two little sun fish were nabbed and a turtle.  Yup, you read right, a turtle.  It was tricky unhooking him.  These boys that came to fish helped in the task of freeing the little turtle.  I did feel bad for the little thing.

We saw a beaver swimming around and a blue heron too.  I was overcome by the peace.  I felt God amidst nature, the beautiful setting sun and the gift of being with my boys.  It was so wonderful.  The little things, such as fishing, hanging out with my boys and just taking a time out to appreciate all that surrounds us was such a beautiful thing.  I was blessed.

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One Response to Hook, Line and Sinker

  1. Jillian says:

    Your husband just took care of my youngest, and told me a bit about you and his boys (very proud). I have four children 3 years and under, and am a photographer, so he thought I would enjoy your blog. And he's right! I think it's amazing that you have 6 boys….6 blessings. I think I'm going to link to your blog from mine, since people can see I'm not the only one that likes larger families!