Goodbye Summer…

It is 8:23 a.m. and my house is so quiet and peaceful.  All my babes are still tucked in and sound asleep.  I am sad it is the last day for this.  Yesterday we rushed back from my in-laws to finish up that last minute shopping we needed to get done.

My mom has sent us food via Sanj’s cousin from Maryland.  What a treat!  The boys were so excited to get their favourite curries in a hurry.  I was happy to just heat and eat.  Thanks Mom, for your thoughtfulness and love.  I went off to bed as I was sick with a fever and what not.  Sure enough, I am followed my 5 of my kiddies, scrabbling for a spot on the bed.  I absolutely love this!  As much as I wish the bed was bigger so that I am not falling off, I love the traffic jam of love.  I love that they desire to be with me.

This morning, Tyler nudged me over and came and fell back asleep in my bed.  This babe of mine is off to high school tomorrow.  How is that possible?  He is excited.  He has been shopping for his clothes with excitement.  He has been walking around with the lock for his locker perfecting the combination that everyone around him knows his combo.  His class schedule has been floating from one spot to another.  He is ready.  I am not.

I feel this ache in my throat thinking of my Tyler out in the big world of high school.  School was so hard for him.  In JK he cried every day 6 weeks…  which meant I cried… Letters and numbers were so hard.  There was such a dance to get the snow pants on, boots, mitts, hat, coat… Oh my goodness!  It was so hard.  Then one day, he finally got it… letters, numbers and  it all made sense.  I watched my gentle giant of a boy grow through all the hard stuff and now… it is time… he IS ready.   I am not.

I know that high school will be great.  He will be great.  He is such a beautiful child with such a pure heart.  I love this kid of mine.  

I find it a little unnerving that in high school we don’t go in with them.  A good-bye, maybe a discreet kiss in the car and off they go… into the big world.  Sammy will be great… he loves life… for him… grade 10… here he comes.

I will be at Rhema dropping off my other babes.  This year it is SK, grade 3, grade 5 and grade 7 that we will be tacking.  Interestingly they are all odd grade years… the odd number years are apparently the harder years… yikes!

Then what?  I haven’t decided.  Maybe I will just come home.  I am feel melancholy today. I am sure tomorrow it will be different.

Oh, by the way, Girls… you’d better watch out, here comes Tyler!

Dear God,
Thank you for trusting me with this lives of these 6 wonderful boys I am so privileged to call my sons.  Tomorrow is a big day…  summer is over.  (Sniff sniff) Please hold my babes hand as they leave me.  I love them so much.  Maybe tomorrow  be a great beginning for each of them (and me).
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