Over the weekend we had company and lots of time to chat about various things.  Of course the topic of my blog comes up as this is my baby. 
Here is a blog to clear up misconceptions:
1.  I write solely for me…my thoughts, feelings and emotions are best expressed through my writing.  Before blogging, I have kept journals for years.  I love being able to read back and see life through my eyes today.  I love seeing God’s hand in my life.  I love seeing anwered prayers.  I love seeing His presense in my life.  So, I write for me and my kids.  Someday, I love the idea of the boys having a journal of my thoughts and feelings.
My brother has been writing a blog for years.  He made me laugh with his writings.  I decided that if my brother could have a blog, so could I.  I am always flattered by those that take time to read and comment on this space.  It means so much to me.  I have always asked God to use me… and He has taken me to task and used my blog.  For this I am grateful and flattered.  God continues to teach me through those that read and comment too.  I love the relationship I have with my blog readers.  I have been taught so much from keeping a blog, one of the biggest is that I have a deep love for writing.  I want to spend the rest of my life doing this…  I love when I write something and it makes sense!
Yet as I love my readers, I have always tried to stay true to me.  I have many times written things thinking that is what they, my readers want to hear… yet am forced to delete and ultimately write and be true to me.
2.   It is true… I will often write about people in my life.  I don’t just write the good and pretty but am complelled to often write the bad and ugly.  Please know that it isn’t about you.   If it is about you, there will be no doubt that it is you, I assure you.  99% of the time, if I write about someone, they don’t read my blog… though I wish they did. lol
I was surprised to find that some people… yes you… thought I was berating them.  I read back the  blog and didn’t see it.  I was troubled  by the thought that this may have hurt them.  I am so sorry for the misunderstanding.  If it is about you, I will let you know!
So often I get little notes of apologies in case it was them who hurt me… while I love you for them and they make me laugh… you are one of the good guys…and therefore feel my pain and react.  So sweet… and I that about you.  It’s the bad guy that doesn’t get it and there for doesn’t bother fixing it!  🙂
3.  My cousin(in-law) read a blog about Marriage Lease and commented on it.  Her comment didn’t make sense to me but I shrugged and let it go.  She didn’t like the concept of Marriage LEASHING… putting a hubby on a leash!  Sheesh!!!  See what I mean about misunderstanding?
Then there are comments that I get that I am not sure what to do… Sanj often says, “just let it go.”   I don’t want to let it go.  Yet, I do appreciate the comments so, bring them on.  Oh, you what an example of a comment?  Here is one that was made recently in response to my Marriage Lease here is a comment that left me literally speechless, I had to phone Sanj and read it to him:
“I really do feel sorry for women. And I really do mean this. Not in a rude way or in jest but I really do feel sorry for you. You drive yourselves crazy wondering why a man doesn’t know what you want. Why the answer is quite simple. WE …HAVE NO CLUE!!! With each new day that I am married to one I realize how much most of you really don’t know what you want from minute to minute. Most men have very basic needs and wants. They may vary slightly from man to man but never the less they are basic. Simple if you will. Food, the need to feel like they are providing and protecting and throw in some sex from time to time. They go though everyday with pretty much the same needs. A womens wants and needs seem to change by the minute. I am not trying to put women down at all. Like I said before I really do feel sorry for you. My wife gets frustrated at herself just as much as she does with me. It use to make me more angry but now I just except it and try to roll with the punches because at the end of the day men will always think like men and women will always think like women…Next time you get frustrated at Sanj for not knowing what you want ask yourself how often you know what you want. Men really do want to make a women happy but for the most part we have no clue how. Unfortunetly men have a bad trait and that is giving up more easily then we should. After a short period time (not to mention 16 years) we throw up the white flag and want to beg for mercy. Please love us anyways and help us to love you and not critize us for not getting it.”
Written by a reader in response to Marriage Lease.
This is what I mean by misunderstanding what I said?
Sigh… so I really wanted to write and apologize for any misunderstandings.  I wanted to thank you for reading and commenting.  I love it when you do… even when I get comments like the one above… they keep my juices flowing!
Much love,
Oh… PS… Joel S.  I do appreciate you, even if we are in disagreement! 😉
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