I Believe in Zeus…

Do you believe… in God?  Yesterday I was talking to someone that doesn’t believe.  He told me he believed in Zeus.  Really?  Of course he was making fun.  His point is that Zeus is just about as real as God.

I believe.  Of course I have moments of doubt… actually seconds of doubt because then I have an unbelievable panic attack.  See, I choose to believe that God is real… I believe this with my whole being.  I believe that at the end of the day, He has my back.  I believe in a future that is perfect… one that isn’t here on earth.  Ever lost a babe?  That is why heaven will be so beautiful.  Mamas and babies will be together forever.  Ever felt pain so deep it is beyond painful?  That is why heaven will be so beautiful.  Then there are those children that lost their parents, too soon, way too soon.  Heaven will be their gift.

I believe in a God that loves me so much that it hurts.  Is that crazy?  I need to feel connected with my God.  When I don’t I feel off.

So, how do I explain to someone that doesn’t believe, that has closed their mind to the remote possibility that there is a God?  Zeus?  Really?  Well if Zeus makes you feel loved, cherished and protected, then hey, I guess Go for it.

I don’t know why God puts me in these situations.  I suck at it.  I find myself rambling.  I can hear the stress oozing out of my voices as I don’t want to mess it up.  Tyler is there with me.  He says, “My youth pastor can answer all these questions.”  Thanks Tyler… BUT Dave, you were not here!!!

He asked why there are so many of ‘them‘ and they all think their belief system is correct.  He kept calling the Bible that Book.  This was all disturbing.  I couldn’t form an answer that made him understand enough to believe.  Of course he seemed to have his mind set.  He seems to see religion, faith, a belief  as a waste of time.  Yet then, why Zeus?

So, I am not sure what the answer is that would give him that Ah… moment.  I guess first he would have to open his mind.  Second, I will pray that God touches him in such a profound way that he does not have to question it… simply because he will feel it.  Third, God, could you please save me from these moments?  They stress me out!  PLEASE!!

So… if you believe, say a prayer with me… that those that need to feels God’s love and presence are about to experience that all in God’s time.

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