September 23…

It’s my birthday!  I love this day!  It is the day that I was given a chance.  That’s really a gift that I need to remind myself of often.  My mom tells the story of how she gave birth to me… she had to have a C-section.  They wrapped me up and my dad picked me up and walked home.  (We just lived down the road from the hospital in India).
I love that visual.  I love knowing that in those hours of my birth that my dad was enamoured by me.  I love that he wanted me home.  I love the thought of being in his arms. 
September 23, I even like that date… on paper it looks pretty, doesn’t it?  lol  I love that it is the middle of fall and just a cheery day!
Sanj asked me the other day, why  I love my birthday… I get so excited…how come?  I love it!  It is just a day I allow myself the feeling of specialness.  Not in a conceited way… but rather I love a day that is about me.  I plan to be with people I love… my friends and my family.  I don’t ever cook on this day… I don’t do much aside from enjoy myself.
What does that entale?  Well, breakfast with some friends (which included a piece of cake… YUM!) fiddle on the computer, lunch with my hubby (I marked it in his book so really it is his special treat… a full lunch off and with me to book)!  Then the afternoon I will spend it shopping a bit for my new office… 🙂 and planning my little party tomorrow.  Then we will go out to supper… cake will be in this day somewhere… I love birthday cake!  I love white birthday cake.  The boys were hinting for a chocolate cake.  Another part of my day that makes it extra special is the little notes from all my friends on Facebook and email etc. I love the calls from my special people that take time to send me their love.
Last night Sanj and a couple of boys came home with the loot.  All along, Sanj kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday.  My answer has been consistent.  THE OFFICE.  He kept asking me… “Are you sure?”  I have never been more sure!  

He comes home and says, “You present is in the office.”  He is such a silly man.  There on the desk lay the DVD series of “THE OFFICE.”  Haha!  Sanj was very pleased with himself!   🙂

Then Sanj and the boys began bringing in the “stuff!”  My White Chair, The Desk, A Chaise Lounger…  SWEET!  My office is looking so great already!!!  Then Sanj walks in with a big box.  I literally gasped.  He got me a huge iMac to write my book on.  (And watch girlie movies in my girlie room).

I actually felt my heart pounding rapidly.  I feel like it’s all falling into place.  I am ready to write.  I feel my fingers itching to do that dance with the keyboard.  I feel ready… I am ready.

I ended the day off (after going to youth group with the boys for parent night and missed Greys!!!)… I ended the day talking to one of my besties.  Life is good.  Life is very good.

If you have love in your life… true love of family and friends… it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Thanks to all who made my day very special with your love and friendship.
(My dad even called and left a message!)

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